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Last Updated: 08/26/2015 07:50PM EST

All proxies listed daily have only fast connections and fast speed times. No China IP Addresses. Plenty are listed for your convenience. Enjoy!

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Anonymity 80 flag USA HTTP High 80 flag Germany HTTP High 8080 flag Korea HTTPS High +KA 8080 flag Singapore HTTPS High +KA 80 flag Hong Kong HTTP High +KA 80 flag Taiwan HTTP High +KA 80 flag Singapore HTTPS High +KA 80 flag Russia HTTP High +KA 3128 flag Australia HTTPS High +KA 8080 flag USA HTTP Low 8081 flag Ukraine HTTP High +KA 80 flag Viet Nam HTTP High +KA 3128 flag USA HTTPS High +KA 3128 flag Georgia HTTPS High +KA 8118 flag France HTTP High +KA 80 flag Hong Kong HTTP High +KA 80 flag Switzerland HTTP High +KA 8080 flag Spain HTTPS High +KA 8888 flag Thailand HTTPS High +KA 80 flag Chile HTTP High +KA 87 flag USA HTTP Low 80 flag Netherlands HTTP High +KA 3128 flag Sri Lanka HTTPS High +KA

Daily Updated Proxy IP List provided by Hide My Ass

You will find a fresh list of free proxy server IP addresses available for use. These are updated once a day and all IP’s have a fast connection speed and time. We only list web proxy server IP addresses of high quality. If one of them are giving you problems don’t worry, another one will serve you better. These IP Addresses are only seven hours old from the time we update the list. We update it every 24 hours so check back if you are a regular user.