What is Kodi

If you do not already know what Kodi is then let me tell you. Kodi is a open source software media center. It’s basically an App for your Fire Stick or Android TV Box that plays media; Videos, Images, Music etc.

You will learn Why a VPN is Important when using Kodi. Nowadays your security is important, it can hurt you extremely if you do not know what you are doing.

What is a VPN

A VPN protects your IP address from being presented anywhere you visit. For example, every time you visit a website or load a webpage, your IP Address is being presented to the website and your Internet service provider is knowing exactly which website you visit.

You also can risk yourself and your security when you are connecting to any WiFi connection that other people are connected to (sharing WiFi). Just imagine what could happen by not using a VPN.

Why a VPN is Important when using Kodi TV

Kodi connects to your Internet. Kodi then connects you to sources (websites) with TV sources that present movies, shows, TV channels and much more.

All of these sources will cause a high risk if you do not properly protect yourself. When your Internet Service Provider figures out (and they will) that you are connecting to sources that are copyright protected movies, shows and other TV channels without a paid subscription you are asking for trouble and a lot of fines to pay.

By using a VPN before you start watching all your favorite shows or movies, this eliminates any problems that were mentioned above. A VPN connects to a server with a different IP address so that when you visit a source or website the IP Address that is presented is the VPN server’s IP Address and not yours.

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